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Welcome to CHSCA

This is a page where you will find some information about CHSCA and upcoming events and activities. If you have any questions, please send us a email.

CHSCA Board Members
  • President – Chia-ching Lin
  • President Elect - TBD
  • Past President – Angela Chen
  • Vice President/ Student Program – Current President & Chaperon (Janice Sung)
  • Vice President/ Chamber Coordination – Vicky Tsai
  • Vice President/ Administration & City Coordination – Angela Chen
  • Vice President/ Middle School Liaison – Chia-ching Lin
  • Vice President/ High School Liaison & Meeting Minutes – Penny Peng & Angela Chen

Chia-ching Lin
President/School Liaison

Janice Sung
Hsinchu Coordinator

Angela Chen
Cupertino Coordinator

Penny Peng
Parent Coordinator

CREST Awards 2012 - Cupertino-Hsinchu Sister City Association

Helpful Links

City of Cupertino
Hsinchu City Government
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