CHSCA 2015 delegation group

Our first meeting will be on Monday, Feb. 9 in Cupertino City Hall (EOC room for students/chaperones and conference room for parents). Please work on the following documents and items, we will collect them on Monday, Feb. 9.

* a check of $1,600 made out to CHSCA (Cupertino-Hsinchu Sister City Association)
Here is the break down list of cost items for $1,600 per student
- airfare
- transportation from Cupertino to SFO airport
- gifts to Hsinchu schools, Hsinchu govenment, host families,
- travel expanse, hotel and airfare for chaperones
- insurance and administration

* a CLEAR copy of the passport (if you are waiting for the new passport, please make a copy of the current one and turn in the new one once it arrives)

* Sign and complete the Trip Permission/Wavier/Medication Authorization form (NOTARIZE the FIRST page)

* Sign and complete the Photo/Video Release form

The application is due on Monday, December 15.
The teacher reference forms are due on Friday, December 19.